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Save on paper, printing, archiving, labor and distribution costs


Reduce paper usage, save thousands of trees every year, start paperless digital transformation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-Invoice?

e-Invoice is the electronic form of a paper invoice. E-invoice, which has exactly the same legal validity as the paper invoice, was put into effect by the Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration (GİB) in order to facilitate the work of companies in the digitalized world and to increase the service quality. The e-invoice system, which ensures safe and error-free circulation of invoices between parties, is much faster, more economical and practical than traditional invoices.

Who Can Use E-Invoice?

Taxpayers who are in the status of Joint Stock, Limited, Real and Private company as a commercial company can benefit from the E-Invoice application.

For Whom Is E-Invoice Mandatory?

Taxpayers with a gross sales revenue of 5 million TL or more

Production, importation, delivery, etc. of the goods in the list I attached to the SCT Law No. 4760 dated 06.06.2002. Taxpayers who have obtained a license from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) for their activities

Those who manufacture, construct and import the goods in the list (III) attached to the Special Consumption Tax Law No. 4760

Internet advertising service intermediaries who mediate sales and rentals via Internet sites and publish Internet advertisements.

Those who trade fruit and vegetables as a broker or trader

Firms that trade in luggage

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What are the Advantages of E-Invoice?

Paper, printing, postal and archiving costs are eliminated as invoices are moved to electronic media

Invoicing and accounting processes increase speed, save time, accelerate trade and collection

Invoices are securely stored electronically, no need for rooms full of folders and storage costs

With instant and automatic data recording in the electronic environment, the error rate is minimized

Your documents and invoices are not lost, old documents and invoices can be accessed within seconds when necessary

Thousands of trees are saved from being cut down each year as paper use is minimized

What is E-Invoice Portal Solution?

E-Invoice Portal Solution provides general use of the basic functions of the E-Invoice application over the internet

It allows you to send and receive E-Invoices manually through the E-Invoice portal offered by the Revenue Administration.

What is E-Invoice Integrator Service?

Our business partner Foriba undertakes the investment of a fast and secure system that works 24/7, with a private integrator service, on behalf of the user company carried out by cloud services

Our inbound and outbound E-Invoice integration with Sovos provides you with a fully automated E-Invoice experience

What are the Differences Between E-Invoice and E-Archive Invoice?

In E-Invoice, E-Invoice can be sent and received only to users registered in the system.

E-Archive, on the other hand, ensures that invoices issued to companies and consumers outside the scope of E-Invoice are also arranged electronically and the second copy is electronically preserved and submitted

In E-Invoice, the invoice is transmitted to the recipient electronically and paper cannot be printed out. In E-Archive, the invoice can be sent both electronically and as a paper printout

In E-Archive, documents are approved and stored with financial seal and time stamp, there is no time stamp in E-Invoice

Each invoice sent in the E-Invoice is first forwarded to the GIB. In the E-Archive, the RA is only informed with a report at the end of the month

In E-Invoice, one of the GIB Portal, Integration, Private Integrator methods is used. E-Archive users can use it by obtaining approval from Private Integrator or their own IT systems

Is It Possible To Send E-Invoices To All My Customers?

The E-Invoice application allows sending and receiving E-Invoices between E-Invoice taxpayers

You must issue a paper invoice or an E-Archive invoice in accordance with the general provisions for your customers who are not e-Invoice payers

Our E-Invoice and E-Archive solution automatically detects whether your customer is an E-Invoice payer or E-Archive and saves you time

Do I have the right to object to an incoming e-invoice within 7 days, as in paper invoices?

The objection mechanism in paper invoices can also be applied in E-Invoice to the extent permitted by the legislation

There are two types of invoices in E-Invoice as basic invoice and commercial invoice. While the commercial invoice offers the option of acceptance and rejection for 7 days, objections in the basic invoice must be made through external means (KEP or GİB Cancellation Portal) rather than through the system

Can Export Invoices and Passenger Together Invoices Be Sent as E-Invoices?

Among the taxpayers registered to the E-Invoice application, those who will issue an invoice within the scope of the export of goods and passenger goods within the scope of Article 11 of the Value Added Tax Law No. 3065, also issue their invoices as E-Invoice as of July 1, 2017.

Is It Possible to Issue a Past Date E-Invoice?

According to the VUK, the invoice must be issued within 7 days of the delivery of goods or the provision of services.

However, technically, issuing an invoice with a past date is not legally prohibited.

Why Should I Prefer BulutKOBİ Products for E-Invoice?

We do not leave you alone in the transition steps to E-Invoice, if you wish, we complete all your transition procedures for you.

With BulutKOBI products, you can experience the most efficient E-Invoice thanks to full automation

You can buy E-Counter packages in line with your needs and pay as you use them

Our team is at your side for all your questions or problems related to E-Invoice

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